Leader or a Dictator?

  At the Digital Branding and Analytics Miami Conference, Joni Fernandez Marmo spoke about leadership. Being a leader is more than just a title it is an action. It’s knowing how to…

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What Are You Doing For SEO?

  Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of any online store/platform. Whether you are hosting an e-commerce platform or a website strictly for the information you should be focusing…

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The Math Behind the Marketing

  The irony of marketing is customer segmentations, bringing a customer through a funnel or even today digital marketing. But when people think of digital marketing most are only thinking…

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Why is AI The Way To Go For Your Business

Ai, Artificial Intelligence (Machine intelligence) is the new way of marketing and how to automate your marketing. For small businesses it is very important to adapt to the new ways of…

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Are You Analyzing the Data?

  Often times brands are so concerned about conversions, leads, prospects and not the overall data that happens once they have ran campaigns to generate their objective. At Digital Branding…

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Are You Connected To Your Customer?

Connecting with your customers is just as important as knowing your customers behavior and patterns. Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference, Evan Carroll spoke about connecting with customers and why having a…

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