Brand Equity

  There are several different ways in which brands are able to measure how they are being perceived from consumers. Whether its quantitative or qualitative it is significantly important to…

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Why Understanding ROI is Important

As advertisers/Marketers it is our responsibility to be sure that while building brand calendars and driving sales for a company (at any scale) we are also to be sure that…

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Mergers and How it affects the distribution channels

  Retailers around the world whether brick and motor or e-commerce all have to consider the logistics of their businesses in order to run a well-rounded organization. With that most…

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What is the importance of Social Media in Your Business?

Social Media has evolved and is now apart of our day to day lives from receiving information and making decisions such as shopping etc… We now more than ever are…

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The KPI’s You Aren’t Measuring That You Should with Judy Pino

Judy Pino https://www.linkedin.com/in/judy-pino/   Date: June 20, 2019 ; 8:54pm Zoom Interview, conducted via phone call In this interview I spoke with Judy the Marketing & Communications Director at the…

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What is TPC?

The theory of planned behavior is based on three different categories first being attitude, second being subjective norm such as your social acceptance or third the perceived benefit of a…

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