Selecting the Right Logo for your brand

  Companies have the advantage of getting customers attention and building perception initially by their logos. How a customer perceives the brand based on memory or any of the five…

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How Culture Affects Your Brand

  Branding and Culture go hand in hand even more so when you are planning on taking your brand internationally. The way you communicate your marketing message down to the…

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Forget Traditional Advertising, What is Buzz Marketing

The term Buzz Marketing is a completely new name of this concept for me personally, however the idea isn’t. In promoting products and content especially on your personal social media…

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How Your Brand is Playing with Your Customer’s Emotions

Often times designers who build brandscapes and logo go through a process of what emotions they want the brand to evoke from the target market. With selecting the name, images,…

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Setting Goal In Your Business

How can goal-setting help marketers in their efforts to be effective and efficient? We’ve all heard the saying “A vision without a plan is merely a dream”. This works in…

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Has Marketing Changed?

Generally used for business or organization who needs complete guidance on what to do without wanting a strategist to deploy action(s). Usually utilize by companies to help guide existing team…

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