Pay Per Click

Consulting Only

“Generally used for business or organization who needs complete guidance on what to do without wanting a strategist to deploy action(s). Usually utilize by companies to help guide existing team…”

• Tailored business strategy guide
• Step by Step plan for company’s team to deploy
• Unlimited Email Support
• Site Audit, Audit pixel & other site tracking
software, Audiences & Conversion Events (AEM)
• 30 Day Support

Premium Package

A more comprehensive package of marketing support for business owners who have a requirement for high-end consulting input to achieve and maintain their competitive edge. This package provides laser sharp focus for your marketing and the reassurance of senior support whenever and wherever needed.

• Social Media Strategy
• Product Strategy for Sales Growth
• Email Marketing – Set up and deploy
• Monthly Social Media Paid Campaign management – Facebook,
Google Adwords with keyword targeting, Instagram & etc.
(Myüze to optimize against top performing content)
• Ongoing marketing project management
— Site Audit, Audit pixel & other site racking software,
Audiences & Conversion Events (AEM)
• Develop Marketing Strategy
• Creative Campaign Development
• Unlimited Team and telephone conferences
• Pause at anytime (and/ or) Option to downgrade to lower
package after 3 months
• Fully guarantee service or money back

*Prices does not include budgets for paid advertising campaigns

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