Which to Choose B2B vs. B2C

Business 2 Business consumption and Business to Consumer Services are the initial stages of developing a business. What area/sector are you intending to serve initially? How will your supply chain…

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Conscious or Unconscious Marketing?

It is not secret that consumers shop based on emotions and how a product makes them feel. Yes, there may be some logic involved, but majority of purchases are based…

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How are you growing your business for channel expansion?

  Building a business or organization requires channel partnerships. With channel partnerships, it is very important to know your field and I have connections with intermediaries in that field to…

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Why Digital Advertising?

Over the years advertising as taken several stages. The way we communicate with the consumer has defiantly changed and marketers now more than ever have multiple amounts of advertising options…

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How to Select A Marketing Agency or Consultant

  As marketing leaders and agency’s it is vital that we understand what we are offering with our services. Agency’s charge based on the project in which they are taking…

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Is Your Business Using Facebook?

It’s no secret that social media has now consumed our lives more than we want to admit. Now more than ever its harder to communicate a message or idea with…

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