What is Your Business’s Unique Selling Point (USP)?

What is your business’s USP (unique selling point)  As humans we all have our own identities, that one thing that people who meet us take away with them when they…

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Pocket Value Podcast feat. Monique Leslie – “How to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing”

Hey All, It’s a new year and times have change significantly since last year especially in the digital / Online space. Is your business taking advantage of all of the…

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15 Best Practices To Optimize Google

Optimizing Google campaigns can be super tricky(especially if you are a first timer). One of the most useful platforms, yet one of the most complex to maneuver. I have compiled…

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Has Marketing Changed?

Marketing has changed a lot in the last decade. There is a constant change happening as to how information is delivered. The reception however of how customers receive information and…

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Go Guerrilla – Marketing that is

Why is Guerilla marketing important? When customers think about the brands they love or the brand that they are loyal towards it often stems from the brand playing a huge…

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How Are You Segmenting Your Target Audience?

Last week I word about the importance of building your brand and why brand building is the key source to attracting long lasting customers (see here). Another level of building…

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