Why OmniChannel Marketing?

What is OmniChannel Marketing? Well, I’m glad you asked, Omni Channel Marketing refers to “the integration of all physical and digital channels to offer a seamless and unified customer experience”…

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Ratings and Reviews

  Selling online for an e-commerce store is an art. However customers aren’t only looking for a great pricing, promotion, or product parentheses marketing mix function). Customers are wanting to…

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How are you ensuring that your buyers are checking out?

  To today customer aren’t only going into stores to shop, they start their buyers journey mostly on their phones, tablets, or desktop. How are you and your organization catering…

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  Putting together a brief for a client in understanding how your social media marketing strategy work as a team effort and not as complex as one would think it…

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Is Alexa, Siri and Google Automation working for you

Over the last few weeks, we have been covering the idea of Omnichannel marketing and what it means to the business owner for growth. Machine learning technology such as Augmented…

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Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference Review

Analytics and Branding are two of the biggest factors in digital advertising. This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the first #DBAMiami conference hosted by FIU for Digital marketing…

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