How Are You Segmenting Your Target Audience?

Last week I word about the importance of building your brand and why brand building is the key source to attracting long lasting customers (see here). Another level of building…

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Should Your Business Be Advertising on Facebook?

Should Your Business Be Advertising on Facebook? Today’s digital marketing world is flooded with a tremendous amount of advertising platforms. Advertisers now more than ever have the opportunity to sift…

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Building a Brand, How and Why!

Building a brand is the foundation for a strong and successful business. Starting with the look, feel, and tone of the overall brand. When starting a new brand it is…

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You’ve Mastered the 4P’s, but what about the 4A’s

As a company the most important thing outside of profit, is ideally your customers. Customer experiences will make or break any business no matter how great (or horrible) the product…

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Dealing with Brand Challenges to Scale

  One of the most complexing situations for brands are finding a way to differentiate themselves from competitors and actually win in that area for as long as they can….

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Storytelling – Are you Confusing the Customers?

Every brand has a story, Right? Or at least it should. Chances are your product already has a place in your consumer’s heart and they are currently using someone else’s…

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