You’ve Mastered the 4P’s, but what about the 4A’s

As a company the most important thing outside of profit, is ideally your customers. Customer experiences will make or break any business no matter how great (or horrible) the product may be. Though we may know that the 4P’s are a very important part of any business, we were introduced to the 4C’s flips to the distribution approach. The 4C’s approach places the customers in the epicenter of the decision making process. As a marketer this shows how important it is to view how the customers perceive the information that is given. Now we are heading deeper into consumer behavior with the 4A’s, which speaks to the psychology behind purchase intent.

        • Affordability 
        • Accessibility 
        • Awareness
        • Acceptability  

Think about your product and you brand and ask yourself? Along with the 4 – P & C is my company also at the forefront of the 4A’s ?