Should Your Business Be Advertising on Facebook?

Should Your Business Be Advertising on Facebook?

Should Your Business Be Advertising on Facebook?

Today’s digital marketing world is flooded with a tremendous amount of advertising platforms. Advertisers now more than ever have the opportunity to sift through tons of platform to find which bests suits their business. Among some of the most popular platforms one really sticks out and has been the go to platforms for ads and that is Facebook. Gone are the days where Facebook is being used for the older generation users, but now being used for providing information. The information that is now being provided and shared on facebook is being done by users and advertiser alike. One major advantage advertiser are now able to capitalize on is the use of information sharing on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook, the very platform in which people are searching for information and seeking to be informed, is an advantage for businesses. I asked six experts in the field their thoughts on Facebook Advertising as it pertains to Digital Marketing and here’s what they said:

Anthony Miyazaki, Brand strategist, marketing analyst, and host of YouTube’s “Marketing Minute”

“As a digital advertising platform, Facebook has three key advantages over their competition.  First, it’s a true comprehensive social network where continual group and individual socializing  is the key element, as opposed to the professional nature of LinkedIn, the image-based visual nature of Instagram, the short-lived broadcast nature of Snapchat, and the broadcast-with-limited-interaction feel of YouTube.  Second, its massive user base provides brands with a plethora of segmentation opportunities.  Finally, Facebook has the resources and the boldness to continue buying up platforms that reach toward younger and younger segments.  Their Instagram acquisition did this very well, and they’re poised to do this with any other entrants to the social media marketplace.  This means that, like it or not, Facebook will likely be a part of any B2C digital advertising program for many years to come.”


Alex Osherow, CEO of Broadpeak Media 

Alex Osherow had this to say “Facebook is a powerful social media and business platform that enhances a brand’s ability to generate leads and repeat customers. Using a variety of digital mediums, it allows brands to tailor their content specifically for each grouping of customers, allowing hyper targeted ads that can create incredible results. Using the business manager, you can understand the trends of new and repeat customers and create content that they respond to with comments, likes, and shares, or what is known as social proof within the industry. Using different strategies for different campaigns, businesses should be willing to invest a majority of their ad spend on the platform to test what works in the hopes of generating continuous sales and lifelong customers”


Adrienne Pearson, Co-owner of Albatross Team

The co-owner of Albatross Team Adrienne Pearson points out a very important use of strategy in ways to capitalize on the use of the platform with the following statement: “Facebook advertising is an effective method of digital marketing. Great for e-commerces business with the ability to use pixel tracking. If optimized correctly and if you create unique and engaging content for your ads it can be a game changer for a company. I’ve seen it personally double the profits annually for a company.” 


Justin Seedman, Marketing Leader and  Entrepreneur.


“As a business owner and marketing leader, I can attest first-hand the effectiveness of Facebook advertising to building a brand to connect with consumers. Two billion people use Facebook every month and 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or 

Instagram. Marketers can run Facebook ads on any budget, target users based on demographics and behaviors. In addition, Facebook offers visual, easy-to-read reports and analytics.”


Anna Pietraszek, Anna Pietraszek, Ph.D.

Director, Asia-Pacific Programs, College of Business

Instructor, Department of Marketing and Logistics

Faculty Coordinator: Social Media & E-Marketing Analytics Certificate

“Facebook advertising is an excellent platform for small businesses. It allows them to connect with the current and future consumers and exchange information. A good presence on Facebook enables users to become part of the brand’s community, gives them a sense of belonging.”


Lawrence Chappe, Branding Specialist and Art Director

Branding Specialist and Art Director, Lawrence Chappe mentioned  that “Facebook advertising is a great  tool for brands trying to be found or seen by their costumers. Advertising on the platform is a must for any businesses in the 21st century, without it there’s no way they’d survive.”

Facebook advertising builds engagement with your target audience as mentioned by Osherow, this engagement helps ignites strong connection with audiences that likes your brand. People engaging with your brand is singularly the most important aspect for customer acquisition which leads to a stronger connection to the organization. Consequently a strong brand starts with engaging the audience. Audience engagement leads to ways Facebook is able to then group all your targeted audience into clusters and build special audiences for you to be able to target. 

Pearson mentioned pixel targeting, which essentially is the tagging of the traffic generated on your website. This helps Facebook to generate different segments of people and their behaviors on your site for advertisers to have the ability to break down your object goals. With a properly installed pixel you are able to run specific ads for audiences who have completed actions such as, added an item to their cart, view a particular product, initiated checkout and spend a certain amount of time on your site. Targeting the right audience is a huge advantage which facebook helps advertisers and businesses accomplish. 

Overall, with the endless amount of platforms as Miyazaki said from Youtube, Snapchat, Yahoo to Google and more the options can be overwhelming. However, among the endless platforms Facebook continues to grow and provide continuous support for advertisers. 


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