15 Best Practices To Optimize Google

Optimizing Google campaigns can be super tricky(especially if you are a first timer). One of the most useful platforms, yet one of the most complex to maneuver. I have compiled a list of the top 15 things to “optimize” for more success with Google campaigns.

After years of working on the platform and building strategies and growth concepts for my agency as well as other agencies, these are some of the best practices used to help increase revenue on google.

Preface: These steps are to be used in conjunction to the general knowledge of Google and its existing best practices for search campaigns.

15 Best Practices to Optimize a Successful Google Campaign:

  • Optimize based on cost per impression
  • Best way to optimize is campaign by campaign
  • Impression Share – wants to always have a 100% every time (this indicates that when someone looks for the keyword you are on top )
    • If not at 100% Search Lost IS and Search Lost Budget will tell you why
      • Search lost IS – has to do with your bids (not spending enough per bid on your keyword)
      • Budget – Tells you if you aren’t spending enough on a campaign level
  • Rank – if you aren’t Bidding enough
  • Use keyword matching to lower your cost
    • Ex: be sure to be using Phrase Match, Exact Match + Broad Match
  • Keep testing new Ad copy (and landing pages )/ Responsive Ads are a winner
  • CTR – less than 1-2% , needs to be killed or add negative keywords
  • REGULARLY Look at search terms to see what terms are being searched for but we aren’t bidding on
  • Add Negative Keywords for search terms that are spending on terms not relative to you brands or Ad group
  • 200 magic number for impression and CTR – start judging after 200
  • If Campaigns aren’t spending they are not bidding enough for the campaign to be push through and spend ( Target CPA)

Written by: Monique Leslie