Sports Supplement Companies Should Be Advertising on

Social Media has captivated our lives in ways that we could or would have not thought of prior to it happening. We are so inclined to checking our phones, and staying on top of trends, shopping, news or even keeping up with our friends and family member via all the available social media platforms. Welcome to the future of marketing, gone are the days where companies where able to only advertise on radio, television and in magazines. While traditional marketing can and is still effective in some industries there are a few industries that are still missing out on a niche marketing platform in advertising.

Nutritional Supplements are a huge industry with millions of loyal fans and a huge following. With big names such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and his like gaining such popularity for years the audience has been increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. However, like most small companies who lack the understanding and resources Supplement Companies are ages behind when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Today over 85% of Supplement companies are still advertising via magazines and trade shows, though these are great avenues for exposure consumers aren’t shopping the way they were 10 years ago.

The Facebook platform has grown to be one of the largest social media platform with over one billion ppl login on daily. Advertisers are able to reach millions of consumers based one several criteria (that I will be diving into deeper via this article) which makes for great ROAS.

Why Use Facebook

Facebook, who since has acquired companies such as WhatsApp and instagram have been increasing their infrastructure to be more streamline for consumer communication. The Facebook platform is know for informing the public, wether it be for news or entertainment unlike Instagram which is done for entertainment. Based on the amount of users Facebook has developed a platform based on a behavioral algorithm to help like minded individuals who share the same interest to be able to communicate, it’s a community.

How does this affect advertising? Easy, Advertiser are now able to advertise to their exact target market and spend money more wisely. When an advertiser advertise in a magazine (even if it is that specific industry) there is no real way in knowing whether or not the audience is completely interested in your product. Through Facebook’s platform advertiser are able to target specific demographics, interests, regions and behavioral activities that are catering to that specific industry.

How Companies Can Increase Leads

Nutritional Supplement companies are able to transition into digital advertising via the Facebook platform to cast a wider net on capturing audiences and gaining greater return. There are over six types of standard strategies that are available via the platform to increase sales and these strategies if done well will yield positive returns. One of the first steps for nutritional supplement  companies to reaching more of their customer base are Look-alike-audiences (LAL). These audiences are derived from an already developed customer data base that helps capture the right data based on your target demographic who are more likely to buy from your brand. Generating the right leads at low-cost is the tip of the iceberg, but once you understand why cracking the tip of the iceberg is important then everything else will flow as it relates to sales and conversion.

When Is The Best Time To Start Using Facebook Advertising

The best time for a small company or nutritional supplement companies to start adding the Facebook platform to their already existing marketing budget would be the moment they have a marketing budget. Your entire marketing funnel will be fed through Facebook advertising from acquisition to purchased. Having a full understanding of the target audience including demographics, interest, age and behavioral interest allows for a more structured pipeline on spending. Subsequently once marketing managers in these industries have a set strategy in place for their target audience and a structure of what their customer journey looks like then it’s time to try Facebook advertising.


The saying “The Early bird catches the most worm” may not apply here, as companies who are now understanding the importance of advertising on Facebook are still able to catch worms even though it may be later in the game. The Facebook market place is constantly growing and users data is continuously expanding with new capabilities for targeting that advertisers are able to capitalize on now more than ever. Supplement companies shouldn’t be the bird that is missing out on the worms due to traditional marketing. Advertising has came such a long way and will continue to develop. With such opportunities for growth thither ate only benefits to getting started advertising on facebook for nutritional companies who haven’t yet started doing so.