Marketing Communication – Weekly Posting

What’s truly being exchanged when people purchase from Starbucks? 

Huge brands such as Apple,Target and Starbucks are the brands that most business and yourself should be trying to mirror when it comes to the customer experience. These major brands are not only selling goods to customers, but what they are really selling is the brand itself (and within that brand we are buying the lifestyle). Therefore the culture of the brand and the wanting to be apart of something great is what you should be thinking about in the branding of your business which then translate to the marketing. 

Clean Communication is the goal as it pertains to marketing and advertising. Gone are the days where we were able to communicate with our target audience by merely using print ads and generic media outlets. Today consumers have unlimited access to social media and video outlet platforms, therefore we as marketers should think of ways we are able to utilize these new techniques to communicate to our consumers. Video advertising is essentially taking over the way we speak to our customers and to be competitive in your industries It is extremely important to be able to clearly communicate the brand’s message through these channels. 

Why is it so critical for marketers to set strategic goals (or objectives), particularly with respect to middle management and front-line employees?

The importance of setting goals for middle management. 

Goal setting strategies are one of the most important aspects in leading and developing a team. As middle level managers it is our responsibility to have a structured hierarchy of goals to help drive the team towards a greater good. Without goals being in place it is somewhat impossible to motivate a team, meet deadlines, break forecasted records and much more. Therefore, in any company/business setting specific goals and timeline are a major to do in order to grow and build a stronger more reliable team that has something to look forward to wether it’s incentive driven or not. 

Has digital media helped or hurt when it comes to advertising jungles (see Tiffany Stanley’s article “What Killed the Jingle?”)?

After reading the Article What killed the Jingle I found it very interested how throughout the years we have transition from jingles to pop songs etc… After future consideration I think its safe to say the digital marketing didn’t single handedly “kill the jingle” but the way people retain  information and the platforms in which we are intaking commercials are newer and our attention is being captured in a different way. Psychologist have proof that the best way for most people to remember something is to out it in the form a song, which is why a jingle works so well. In today’s world with digital advertising we are still seeing brand like Farmers Insurance company using the jingle, so no Digital Marketing didn’t kill the jingle just help reinvent the way we view things. 

Week 5 

Describe the need for experimentation in marketing communication and/or in marketing as a whole.

The best ways for any company/ organization to continuously gain the best return on ad spend is knowing where to allocate funds and time. Without testing it is virtually impossible to know if you are making the best decisions for the organization to understands what factors are converting customers. One of the biggest advantages of conducting experiments (A/B testing), you are able to control variables that you can then use in the future and remove the guess work on why customers are actually responding to your marketing efforts, which leads to spending marketing budgets towards the right cost.

Week 6

In the beginning of Chapter 2, the Infographics authors discuss the options of using static, motion, and interactive infographics.  Discuss your thoughts on when, how, why, and where these would be useful for marketing communication

The Importance of Static, Motion and Interactive Infographics

Promotional messages are suppose to be engaging, informative and persuasive at some point or another for the consumer. Static graphics, infographics and motion graphics are great communication tools for advertising. However, it is important for marketers to tell the story of the brand via these different visual aids. Motion graphics are great for quickly capturing attention, while static graphics generally draws the reader to then have them interpret the message. As marketers we have to think about the platform in which we are placing visuals and how the message will be delivered before making the decision on whether it will be static, motion or infographic. 

Week 7 

Google Ads (the actual campaign creation rather than the theoretical experience of the certification)

Google Ads – What can I not say about Google Ads, They are effective, ground breaking and nessecary for businesses in today’s digital era. Google is one of the largest platforms for advertising where brands are able to target there customers eastily, becuase the engine is beign used so often in our day to day. Setting up google campaigns can be a bit tasking if your are new to the plaform, however once you get the gist of what the objective is and why you should (or shouldn’t ) use it then its becomes less complex and more rewarding knowing you are able to yeild positive results. Overall I think Google Ads are they way to go (along with other advertisig platform), but it does set the pace for where to start when buildig a brand.

Week 8 

This course has been a real eye opener, even though I already work in the digital marketing industry. One of the biggest concerts or idea that stuck out to me most was the analytics portion and the tableau reporting lessons. Often times we think about how important analytics are and how they affect the decision making process, but being able to use graphing (customized) to reflect the results in so many different way with the tool was a real eye opener. This helps us realize that we do not need to conform to the standard graphs and charts given to us from the reporting tools we use, but we are able to customize to our needs within respected industries.